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10 Best Movies of Bradley Cooper Bradley Cooper filmmaking talent isn't only kept to the front of the camera...

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Kylie Jenner

Top 10 wealthiest celebrities around the world

1. George Lucas, $7.5 billion George Lucas The Star Wars...
Gaten Matarazzo

Gaten Matarazzo Biography

Gaten Matarazzo originally Gaetano John Matarazzo was born in Little Egg Harbour Township, New Jersey, the United States, on 8th September 2002....
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Cillian Murphy was born in Blackrock, County Cork on 25th May 1976. Cillian Murphy is a theater and...
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Aaron Paul originally Aaron Paul Sturtevant was born in Emmett, Idaho, the United States on 27th August 1979.
Kate Walsh Celebrity Sphere

Kate Walsh Biography

Kate Walsh originally Kathleen Erin Walsh was born in San Jose, California, the United States on 13th October 1967.
Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer Biography

Miles Heizer originally Mile Dominic Heizer was born in Greenville, Kentucky, the United States on 16th May 1994.