5 interesting facts about Lena Nersesian

1. Lena Nersesian Is Of Armenian Descent 

Lena was conceived in California, yet both of her folks are of Armenian plummet. It’s indistinct whether they were designed in Armenia or in the United States. Her way of life had a significant influence in her childhood, and numerous Armenian qualities and customs were imparted in Lena at a young age. 

2. Lena Nersesian Had A Conservative Upbringing 

Given what Lena Nersesian accomplishes professionally, I believe it’s protected to state that she isn’t exceptionally traditionalist. Be that as it may, her childhood certainly was.

Lena’s folks were exceptionally exacting and didn’t permit her to do a lot. She opened up about this in her first YouTube video, where she uncovered that she wasn’t allowed to watch the famous sitcom Boy Meets World. Obviously, her family isn’t content with the way she’s picked to go down, yet she accepts they’ll in the long run come around. 

3. Lena Nersesian’s Social Media Accounts Have Been Banned 

At the point when you’re continually posting ‘wrong’ things via web-based networking media, you’re setting yourself up to have your record hailed. Lamentably for Lena, this is something she’s needed to manage. Her albums have been deactivated a few times because of the things she posts. 

4. Lena Nersesian’s Held Lots Of Odd Jobs 

Lena is no more odd about doing intriguing things to profit. Before turning into a big Internet name, she worked a few unique occupations to make a decent living. For over a year, she was a clerk at a supermarket in Santa Cruz, CA. She additionally worked quickly functioned as an Early Childhood Interventionist in 2014.  

5. Lena Nersesian’s Not Passionate About What She’s Doing 

If you thought Lena the Plug does what she does because she cherishes it, you weren’t right. Lena isn’t energetic about her web vocation, however, utilizes it as an instrument to seek after things she really is enthusiastic about.

All things considered, if there’s one thing her activity offers her, it’s adaptability and heaps of cash. Maybe her present profession is her method for defying her painful childhood and her folks’ traditionalist perspectives. 

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