David Blaine Biography

David Blaine originally David Blaine White was born in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States on 4th April 1974. Blaine is an American mystical performer, illusionist and “perseverance craftsman.”

David Blaine is best known for his prominent accomplishments of continuance and has set and broken a few world records. Blaine advanced how enchantment is appeared on TV by concentrating on observer responses.

His thought was to turn the camera around on the people viewing rather than the entertainer, to make the group of onlookers watch the crowd. The New York Times noticed that “he’s taken a specialty that has been around for a long time and accomplished something one of a kind and new with it.” The enchantment he offers works on a phenomenally close to home dimension.”

Quick Facts

Birth Date 4th April 1974
Age 45
Nickname David
Birth Place Brooklyn, New York City, United States
Profession Magician
Active Year 1997-present
Marital Status Married
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed (Jewish, Russian, Italian, Puerto Rican)
Religion Jewish
Height 5 feet 11 inch
Weight 81 kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Relationship Single
Spouse Single as of now
Net Worth $12 million

Early Life

Magician David Blaine was conceived on April 4, 1973, to a solitary parent in Brooklyn, New York. A road entertainer gives the first experience with enchantment, as the inquisitive 4-year-old sat tight for a metro train.

Enchantment was not his solitary intrigue, in any case, and Blaine proceeded to go to the Neighborhood Playhouse dramatization school and showed up in a few TV ads and cleanser musical shows.

It was amid this time his capacity to suspend off of the ground surfaced and, at the asking of his doctor, Blaine experienced an intensive examination.

When Blaine was 21, his mom was hit with disease and passed away in 1994. Even though melancholy stricken, he kept on performing and become well known at VIP works by doing enchantment traps for acclaimed individuals, for example, Mike Tyson, Al Pacino, and David Geffen.

Blaine made a tape of execution and sent it to ABC, where the reaction was colossal, and a meeting was before long asked. His first extraordinary, David Blaine: Street Magic was an appraisal hit in 1997. David Blaine: Magic Man pursued two years after the fact.



In the year 1999, Blaine frolicked out his initial persistence exploit: immersing himself in 4,000 pounds of water which lasted for more than multi-week.

In the year 2000, he trailed with “Solidified in Time” in which he was thickened into a quadrangular of ice for like 72 hours. Right after two years, he endured on a 100-foot post for 35 hours in “Vertigo.”

Lamentably, there were a bigger number of cynics than supporters amid 2003’s “Over the Below,” which included Blaine living in a glass box suspended by the River Thames in London for 44 days, without nourishment.


The hoax amplified overall media enclosure, and thousands amassed at the site which is close Tower Bridge to perceive his emancipation.

In New York in 2006, his “human aquarium” stunt included submersion in a water-filled circle for seven days, getting air and nourishment through cylinders.

In an extraordinary culmination, he collapsed in his exertion to breakdown the world record for holding breath inundated, while at the same time in receipt of gone considerable shackles.

On September 18, 2008, Donald Trump and Blaine reported his most recent accomplishment, The Upside Down Man, in which he wanted to hang topsy turvy without a wellbeing net for 60 hours.

On September 22, Blaine started his trick Dive of Death, hanging over Wollman Rink in Central Park and collaborating with fans by dropping himself topsy turvy. He pulled himself up to drink the liquid and reestablish typical course.

Purportedly, Blaine gambled visual impairment and different diseases in the trick. He was broadly condemned when, just hours into the continuance challenge, he was seen remaining on a holding up crane stage, not topsy turvy of course. Amid the trick, he descended once an hour for a restorative check and to utilize the restroom.

Highlights and Achievements

On November 21, 2006, Blaine went in progress for his Revolution stunt, where he was manacled to a whirling gyrator without nourishment or water, targeting to discharge inside 16 hours.

Blaine finished the trick 52 hours after the fact. Blaine showed up on the April 30, 2008 scene of The Oprah Winfrey Show to endeavor to demolish the Guinness World Record for oxygen helped static apnea, following his inability to break the then-current record of unassisted static apnea in his past endeavor Drowned Alive.

Peter Colat of Switzerland set the previous record on February 10, 2008. Before entering the 1,800-US-gallon (6.8-cubic-meter) water tank, Blaine went through 23 minutes breathing in pure oxygen.

David held his breath for 17 minutes 4-1/2 seconds, outperforming Colt’s past characteristic of 16 minutes 32 seconds. This record[45] represented right around four and a half months until beaten by Tom Sietas on September 19, 2008.

Relationship of David Blaine

The notable identity Blaine has dated various female stars incorporating Lonneke Engel in 2006, Mallory Snyder in 2004, Manon von Gerken in 2002, Daryl Hannah in 2002, Josie Maran in 2000 and Madonna and Fiona Apple.

Blaine was found in an association with French Model Alizee Guinochet for a significant lot. The couple has been locked in for quite a long while and has been honored with one little girl, Dessa.

The couple got connected on fourth April 2009 yet by one way or another because of some reason the couple got isolated in 2014.

Net Worth of David Blaine

The net wortho of David Blaine is estimated to be over $14 million.

Social Media Links of David Blaine

Instagram: David

Facebook: David’s Official Facebook account

Twitter: David Blaine Twitter

YouTube: David Blaine YouTube

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