Interesting Facts you may not know about Dan Bilzerian

Interesting Facts about Dan Bilzerian

• At the point when his dad was imprisoned, Dan set up 33% of his trust finance account as a safeguard, bringing about the fury of his marginally careless father. He has additionally been known to set up money for his companions to pursue their fantasies, contributing $2,000 for individual poker mate Jay Farber, to enter a national competition.

• Bilzerian clarified that he has been viewing MMA since the absolute first UFC occasion. In any case, he’s more than a fan. He needs to contend.

• Bilzerian had gone through 510 days of hard Seal preparing and scored 94/99 in his military test before getting into a question with his boss – explicitly.

• Bilzerian has likewise bragged laying down with 16 young ladies in 12 days and Tweeted that “monstrous young ladies hurt (his) eyes.”

• Bilzerian is a shameless playboy, and he doesn’t appear to mind what anybody considers him. However, he stays more famous on the web than the President of the United States.

• Bilzerian is one of the best high-stakes poker players on the planet, with total individual assets of over $100 million.

• Bilzerian put $1 million into the film in return for 80 expressions of discourse and 8 minutes of screen time. At the point when the makers chose to slice his job to one line, adding up to not exactly a moment on screen, Bilzerian was irate and recorded a chaotic, $1.25 million claim against the organization – the estimation of the first credit in addition to 25% intrigue. At last, he dropped the claim having made $1.5 million from the film.


• Bilzerian was captured in his senior year for having an automatic weapon in his vehicle on school property. He possesses 97 weapons and has a stacked firearm in plain view in each room of his manor in Hollywood Hills.

• He functioned as a trick twofold for Gerard Butler on Olympus Has Fallen, and furthermore showed up in the film The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington, just as the film The Other Woman.

• He has an armada of best of the range sports vehicles, his most loved being the 1965 Shelby 427 Cobra that he uses to contend in races.

• He has had 2 heart assaults previously the age of 30, and it’s nothing unexpected why he carries on with his life minus all potential limitations and grabs each minute. Following 5 days of celebrating, snowboarding, betting, insane sex, lack of sleep, utilization of cocaine and the presentation 200 milligrams of Viagra, Dan had his first heart assault on the fourth day.

• He likewise financed his own ‘Robin Hood’ venture and gave away $100,000 of his prize rewards to casualties of Typhoon Haiyan. He has likewise given away cash to a couple who received four wiped out kids and a person with paraplegia.

• He was regularly desolate and was generally derided by his colleagues after his dad was imprisoned.

• He’s staunchly defensive of Slitherpuss and a few other amazingly delightful felines he possesses. Even though Bilzerian possesses a few pets, it’s just Slitherpuss and Smushball that motivates the regarded capacity to go with him almost always.

• In a trick sorted out by Hustler magazine, Bilzerian diverted an exposed model from his rooftop into a pool. They both had a narrow escape when she got his shirt at last and wound up breaking her lower leg in favor of the pool. He has likewise been blamed for kicking model Vanessa Castano in the face in a Miami dance club in August of 2014.

• Bilzerian, who frequently passes by “Rush” or “Instagram King” self-broadcasted to win 50 million dollars playing the amusement in 2014 alone.

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