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kalani miller
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Kalani Miller, a model, and social media star was born on July 25, 1987, in San Clemente CA, USA. The 30 years old surfer is also markedly known for being in a relationship with professional surfer Kelly Slater for more than 5 years.

Kalani Miller was born to Hawaiian mother, Charlene and Californian father, Jim Miller in California, USA. She has two sisters Oleema and Hana, and Jason Miller is her brother. They grew up in a warm and loving family. She grew up surfing and was fond of painting and modeling.  Gazing in her career, she is also a swimwear model. To the point of no surprise, she was definitely a Roxy model. Furthermore, she is owner-cum-designer of Mikoh Swimwear. She owns it with her sister, Oleema.

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Kalani and Oleema proved that net worth and family could go hand in hand, with their swimwear brand Mikoh.

What could be the secret behind the brand name, Mikoh? Well, it is definitely to their family name (MI) as well as the first name of the three sisters (Kalani), (Oleema) and (Hana). Does not this sound amazingly astonishing? Yes, it does. It is a living proof that family and brand can go hand in hand with a success story with it.

Kalani is legitimately known as Instagram Star with 101k followers on her Official Instagram Account. She is currently in a beautiful relationship with her five years long boyfriend, Kelly Slater. They are rumored to get engaged, yet not married.

Instagram of Kalani Miller: https://www.instagram.com/kalanimiller/?hl=en

Mikoh website: https://shop.mikoh.com/

Name: Kalani Miller

D.O.B: 25 July 1987

Age: 30 years old

Family: Charlene, Jim Miller

Siblings: Oleema, Hana, and Jason Miller

Relationship: Kelly Slater

Net Worth: N/A, under review