Alaina Marie Mathers | Know her relationship with Eminem and Dawn Scott

Alaina Marie Mathers | Know her relationship with Eminem and Dawn Scott.

 Alaina, adopted daughter of Rap God, has been mentioned in the hit song of Eminem: Mocking Bird, Going through Changes, Airplane. Stick around to find out more about Alaina Marie Mathers.

Alaina Marie Mathers born on May 3, 1993, USA, is adopted daughter of Rap God Eminem. Biologically, she is the daughter of Dawn Scott. Dawn Scott, the ex-wife of Eminem, who died in January 2016.

Alaina Marie who is not famous for her birth name but the name Eminem’s daughter. She grew up with the two biological daughters of Eminem, Hailie, and Whitney. Alaina Marie Mathers real name was Amanda Marie Scott, which got changed after being adopted by Eminem and got massive recognition for this. People often call her as the “the daughter of Eminem.”

The 24 years old famously known as the daughter of Eminem, was adopted by Eminem in the mid-2000. Sticking to the term adopted, she was adopted by Eminem because of her mother legal issue. Her mother died because of a heroin overdose.  She was found dead in her apartment.

Dawn Scott was dealing with poverty and depression, and eventually, she fell for drug addiction which later became the sole reason for her untimely death. It is reported that she started taking drugs when Alaina Marie was a toddler. Eminem tried his hard to get her out of drugs but could not make out of it. And therefore he took Alaina under his custody for better care and support, and now she is famously known as Daughter of Eminem.

Talking more about Alaina, she is a person who wants to keep herself away from media and spotlights. She has been keeping her secret under her wraps. To avoid rumors and gossip, she has not made any social media account. Or this might be her interest to keep things to ownself without reflecting them on any social media platform.

Sadly her biological father is still not known.  Despite her fame, it seems like she has inherited quality from her father-Eminem of keeping things secret. Hardly there are any rumors about her personal life and no any sign of her relationship.  Let’s shed limelight on her life.

The 24 years old secret star, is still not married and seems like she is dedicated to her career rather than relationship as there is no any news about her relationship till date, and she has not been snapshot with any man in public. So we can explicitly say that she is living her single life.

Her birth mother is Dawn Scott as mentioned earlier, who is the sister of Kimberly. Dawn Scott is the ex-wife of Eminem. Alaina has a brother, Adam Scott.  Eminem’s wife Kim was the twin sister of Dawn Scott, who gave birth to Hailie. Alaina was brought up in luxurious life by Eminem along with Hailie and Whitney. Despite her better grown-up lifestyle and celebrity background, she has been entirely away from media and established herself as a typical personality. People have been more interested in her life, but she is locking it to the box.

She was quite depressed when her birth mother was coping with depression and poverty. It even made more stressing when her mother was onto drug addiction. She might not have been able to make up to her usual life with such hard conditions, but Eminem who appeared to be an angel for her and adopted her in such a despair time. Eminem has been extraordinarily generous enough to Alaine Marie Mathers. Growing up with Hailie and Whitney, Alaina never felt out of bond with the biological daughters of Eminem as Eminem loves Aliana as much as he loves his biological daughter. Aliana lives with Eminem and her sister in Eminem’s Mansion.

Talking about her career, Aliana has been studying public relations at the University of Oakland. Everything else about her is in the state of rumors only. There is no official post about the whereabouts of her relationship status.

There are many more gossips on her, but to the point of no surprise, every rumor about her are related to the Rap God Eminem which is for sure the relevant one. Did you know how much Eminem love her?  Like said earlier, he has mentioned about her in his lyrics of the song, “Mocking Bird.” which managed to get vast views of 356 million on Youtube.

This song was amongst his superhit song. In this music video, he amazingly brought his story to life through his lyrics. His lyrics are so catchy, and the song itself is fantastic that you would go for it to as many time as you listen to it. There are two other songs namely, Going through changes and Airplane part 2 feet Eminem, in which he dedicated to his daughters and family.

Living under the same roof, Eminem and Alaine have kept things to themselves. Both seem to manage life privately. Aliana has not opened up herself to any press, and there is hardly any article written on her.

Her social accounts are still not known to the public, despite the eagerness of people to know about her. Aliana might be living her romantic life, but it’s all up to her to flash it or not. Sad to see that she does not reflect her lifestyle to the public, but we hope that someday, in days to come, she will reveal herself and her relationship.

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