Stephanie Gilmore: the Australian professional surfer

Stephanie Gilmore, the Australian professional surfer was born on 29 January 1988 in New South Wales, Australia.

Stephanie Gilmore is on her supreme state of acquiring the most dominant woman’s surfer in the history. 

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Stephanie, the six-time World Surf Champion on the Women’s ASP World Tour and 3X TRIPLE CROWN of Surfing Champion, Hawaii, was born in New South Wales, Australia. She currently resides in her apartment in Tweet Heads, NSW Australia.

Keeping this on the note, she is the first woman in the history to win six championships at the early 30s inspiring every woman in the world to chase to the highest peak one can imagine.

Her first season was in 2005 and, in 2007 she won a championship. Consecutively the very next year until 2010, and then in 2012 and 2014 (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2014) thereby holding six titles.

She also has claimed more than 30 elite World Tour victories.

Stephanie has a nickname: Happy Gilmore, which suits her personality. Happy Gilmore is 30 years old now and already 6X World Surfing Champion which is a vast and nearly an unbelievable achievement for a woman of her age.

Stephanie was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia and her hometown are in Kingscliff, New South Wales.  She stands 178cm tall (5 ft. 11 inches) and weighs 68 kg. Her stance is regular.

Stalking into her Instagram and Facebook, we came up with the idea that she justifies her title of Professional surfer, illustrating the surf world in every best possible way she can.

The short videos and shots of her surfing are amazingly eye-catching. Beside this, we also got to witness her playing guitar.

When it comes to the relationship of famous personalities, one definitely put all their head into it, specially gossips, rumors, and sometimes scandals.

Talking about Stephanie Gilmore and her relationship status, she has a rigid affirmation of being single for her quest to the seventh surfing world title. Hardly there are any gossips about her relationship; she is single by her choice.

It’s crystal clear summarizing her posts that, she is a fun and charming person.  Among her different post, what caught our mind is her saying, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”

Honestly, this caption is mind-blowing, and her photo in this post is amazingly angelic. She smiles so beautifully, reflecting her charming personality.

She has given herself a name: Fierce girl. Yeah, she is a fierce girl. She has been strong enough to come up to this point of life with as many titles as she attempted.

She has been forceful enough to take such risk in life. And she has been bold enough to develop such a personality.

When asked to her, what was the most daring thing she did? – She replied that the most daring thing she did was skydive and nude photoshoot for ESPN Magazine.

She loves playing music and dance in her free time. It seems like she enjoys playing guitar as we have seen her photo of playing guitar on an event at Victoria.

Stephanie has proved us the saying-“Morning shows the day” by starting her career at the early age of 10 and becoming successful at her every step. She began her career of surfing when she was just ten years old and when she was 17, she entered into world tour events being a wild card competitor and won herself the first-ever victory of her life at the 2005 Roxy Pro Gold Coast.

The very next year, she again won another wild card event, resulting in the qualification of World Qualifying Series for 2007 Women’s ASP World Tour. Eventually, she won the 2007 World Title at the age of 19.

Then after she was successfully entering into her career with her prosperous pathway, walking with successful steps and today, she is renowned among the world’s famous athletes. She claimed her reward in almost every competition and events clarifying her invincible strength.

Gilmore has achieved more than any man or woman of her age could achieve in the surfing world.

She is preparing to achieve more and more, proving the saying- “Fortune favors the brave.”  Currently, she is the top athlete on the Roxy Surf Team.

Stephanie has been actively involved in an ocean conservation organizations, and so she is a member of the Board of Advisors.

She also promotes awareness about men’s health and works for actualizing water well in Senegal.

Adding to point her kind-heart, she has been sponsoring for the welfare of children in Kenya and Ethiopia.

This apparently gives us an idea that she is secretly a philanthropist and thus she is generous enough without any doubt.

Gazing at her lifestyle and earning, she has a net worth of $6 million. With that being said, one can assume that she is living a luxurious life.

It is reported that she has her lavish apartment in Tweet Head, New South Wales.

She is the highest grossing female and the highest paid woman in Australian Sport, holding career earnings of $1,132,520.

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Stephanie is not just a professional surfer; she has her hand in the Film Industry too. She entered into Hollywood industry staring in many movies which relate to her career and lifestyle.

Her famous known movie is A Deeper Shade of Blue (2011) and Stephanie in the water (2014). Beside this, there are several other movies of her being an actress, and successfully into an acting career. Perception (2008), Proximity (2017) are her movies including many other movies.

In every film, she has played the role of being a surfer and such related other happening parts of surfing. She has reflected her professionalism in films.

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