Interesting Facts about Joe Pesci

  • Before turning into an on-screen character he functioned as a server, dance club artist, and a guitar player. 
  • Pesci’s last name is interpreted as “fish” in Italian.
  • Joe Pesci once recorded a collection under the name “Joe Ritchie“. The collection was titled “Little Joe Sure Can Sing“. It was discharged in the 60’s and lamentably it never turned into the achievement he figured it would be.
  • George Carlin and Joe Pesci were incredible companions before Carlin’s passing. Carlin even referenced Pesci by name in one of his parody bits.
  • He won an Oscar for his job in the film “Goodfellas” in 1990.
  • In 1995 he was offered the job of “Fergie” in the film “Judge Dredd“. He declined the part which was later taken on by Rob Schneider.
  • While shooting a fighting scene in the film “Seething Bull“, Joe Pesci’s rib was broken when Robert De Niro hit him unintentionally. The executive kept the scene in the film due to the “authenticity” of Pesci’s reaction to the agony.
  • Joe Pesci quit representing 8 years. He at that point left his 8-year purposeful retirement and start acting again in 2006 showing up in the film “The Good Shepherd“.
  • At 5′ 4″, Joe Pesci is among the couple of entertainers who became wildly successful time notwithstanding their short stature.

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