1.    Leonardo DiCaprio was named after the legendary artist Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s pregnant mother, Irmelin, was viewing Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait at an exhibition in Florence, Italy, when infant Leo kicked just because. His dad accepted that it was a sign and chose to name the child after the Renaissance virtuoso.

2.    The Titanic entertainer can talk a smidgen of both German and Italian.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dad, George DiCaprio, is of Italian and German plunge. His mom is German, and DiCaprio spent a piece of his youth living with his maternal grandparents, Wilhelm and Helene Indenbirken, in the community of Oer-Erkenschwick in Western Germany. Because of his time there, the entertainer can talk somewhat German. He was particularly close with his grandma and frequently welcomed her to impart extraordinary events to him – like the London debut of James Cameron’s epic ‘Titanic.’

3.    When Leonardo was 11 and attempting to find an acting line of work, an operator tried to persuade him to change his name since it sounded excessively “ethnic.”

The operator prescribed that DiCaprio change his name to Lenny Williams to guarantee more great intrigue and wouldn’t sign him except if the entertainer obliged the thought. Be that as it may, Leo decided to stay with his original name and was in the long run marked by a specialist when he was 13 years of age.

4.    Leonardo has been battling to manage obsessive-compulsive disorder for his entire life. The Inception on-screen character has the desire to stroll through entryways a few times.

DiCaprio assumed the job of American big shot and businessperson, Howard Hughes, in the 2004 biopic The Aviator. The organizer of Hughes Aircraft Company struggled with extreme OCD, and DiCaprio could feel for Hughes’ sickness, as he has battled a similar condition for his entire life. DiCaprio has opened up about adapting to OCD and clarified that he feels the substantial need to stroll through entryways a few times and step on each biting gum recolor he sees.

5. Leonardo DiCaprio has never taken drugs and was trained on how to play is high by drug specialists in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

While DiCaprio unquestionably has a wild side, the entertainer demands that he’s never taken drugs. Along these lines, assuming the job of coke-grunting Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street most likely didn’t fall into place easily for him. In a public interview, he said that he and co-star Jonah Hill prepared for the motion picture by counseling with an on-set medication master and by viewing a YouTube video titled ‘The Drunkest Man in the World’.

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